I'm Jo,  a certified sports nutritionist for endurance athletes. I help female runners eat enough to balance their hormones so they can run new personal records without eliminating exercise.

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I'm Jo, a certified sports nutritionist for mommas in endurance sports. I help female runners eat enough to balance their hormones so they can pursue motherhood without eliminating exercise.

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Fueled to Perform

Our 8 week live group coaching program. Created to help athletes eat enough to run new personal records with the support of our team and a community of runners.

Next program launching in November.


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One-on-one coaching

Get individualized guidance for your running and maternal nutrition. This is a 12 session program created to help those looking for personalized guidance to nourish you and your baby as an athlete. 



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Meal Service

This is for mommas that need help with food postpartum. We create and prep you custom meals for birth and postpartum. Making nourishing food is essential to your recovery and your baby. We take the guesswork out and bring the food to your home.


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Hi there, I'm Jo I'm a sports nutritionist and women's health specialist with a heart to empower female athletes both in their sport and motherhood.

I empower female athletes to eat enough to balance their hormones so they can finally pursue motherhood without eliminating exercise.

I help you refuel, adapt your training, and recover from training so you can run at the highest level possible while still being able to pursue the dream of motherhood. 

I'm on a mission to help women drop the fad diets and social stigmas and fuel their bodies with a purpose to be the best athlete without giving up on being a mom with natural nutrition and training solutions. 

In reality, it can be challenging and so confusing. I'm here to provide science backed nutritional and hormonal evidence to help YOU achieve your wildest dreams.

Let's thrive together!


More about me
"My secret weapon isn't my super-shoes--it's Coach Jo! Jo is super-supportive, attentive, and wise about training. She is also extremely knowledgeable about sports and life stage nutrition (I have a minor in human nutrition so feel I'm objective about this!). I can't recommend Jo enough whether you are an elite or masters athlete. She will get you your PRs and keep you healthy and strong!"

Katie Watson

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28+ Minute PR

Working with Jo for 5 months I qualified for Boston marathon, in only my second marathon. Improved my time by 28 min! Jo constantly challenges me in new ways and shows me I'm capable of more than I ever believed.

-Ivy T.

My body, mind & soul are alive

I am on track for a regular period, my hair doesn't fall out, and my brain fog is gone. I can understand, apply, and challenge myself in my schooling and keep up with material. I eat - like actually eat. My joy for food is coming back, and my body acceptance is healing. My body is good - created for a beautiful purpose designed by God, not a disgusting mistake that needs to bear the consequences of my disgust. My body, mind, and soul are alive and living in joy and rest.

-Emily H.

Transform my relationship with food

I was able to transform my relationship with food and learn how much I was under eating which was impacting my training and overall health. Jo taught me the importance of proper fueling not just for performance but also overall health of my body and mind.

-Holly Best